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DeSantis Rejects Woke High School Curriculum for Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has now reportedly denied the College Board’s request to authorize a new African American studies program, citing worries that it would violate a recent restriction on indoctrinating kids into wokeness.

The Stop Woke Act, put into law last year, prohibits Florida schools from teaching children to believe in radical left-wing notions of discrimination- notions that are common in woke programs.

DeSantis’ action comes after a federal court ruled in favor of his administration’s efforts to fully enforce other provisions of the statute.

The College Board, the nation’s leading body for awarding college credits for advanced courses to high school students, has been testing the African American studies curriculum in preparation for a full-scale debut in 2024.

Currently, the organization provides curriculum for dozens of different courses in all 50 states, including arts, sciences, and languages.

However, the corporation has not previously pushed into the “studies” sectors, which include African American studies as well as gender studies, women’s studies, and ethnic studies and are often regarded as the most progressive departments in higher education.

African American studies proponents believe that the courses stimulate holistic understanding about US history, while opponents point out that the curriculum itself predominantly focus narratives of Left-wing activism and grievance, rather than history.

The College Board has refused to make its African American studies curriculum public, claiming that it contains confidential information.

However, the curriculum is largely influenced by Marxism, socialism, and tolerance for CRT ideas such as colorblindness rejection.

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