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Biden Chief of Staff Praises McConnell for Supporting Ukraine

On Thursday, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain complimented Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his assistance to Ukraine in confronting what he called “Russian aggression.”

McConnell, according to Klain, has been one of the Biden administration’s “strongest advocates” in expressing support for Ukraine and by extension the Biden administration’s foreign policy while claiming that the conflict should not be a party line issue.

“I will also say that to date, fighting Russian aggression in Ukraine has had bipartisan support, and I want to specifically thank Senator Mitch McConnell for being one of our strongest supporters in tackling Russian aggression. This should not be a partisan issue, the Republican Party, historically, has stood for combating Russian aggression.” Klain said during an interview with ‘Morning Joe.’

Klain chastised House Republicans for expressing worry that sending help to Ukraine will divert attention away from domestic concerns.

“So I don’t see why this should go the direction that [House] Leader [Kevin] McCarthy suggested. I don’t think that [Republican Georgia Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene should set the foreign policy of the Republican Party, I think that would be a mistake if that’s the way this goes.” he continued.

In January, McConnell openly commended the Biden administration for its reaction to the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Republicans have remained divided on how the United States should respond to Ukraine.

In May, eleven Senate Republicans voted to oppose the advance of $40 billion in Ukrainian aid.

In addition, three Republicans voted against a resolution criticizing Putin and expressing US sympathy with Ukraine: Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar.

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