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Corporations Begin Fleeing Chicago in Droves As Crime Spirals Out of Control

Tyson Foods is the latest corporation to close its Chicago-area headquarters in reaction to the city’s high crime under progressive Mayor Lori Lightfoot, joining Boeing, Caterpillar, and numerous others in fleeing the Windy City.

The poultry conglomerate made the shocking revelation on Wednesday, stating that it is relocating its corporate staff to its global headquarters in Arkansas and shutting three of its locations, including one in Downtown Chicago.

The other two are in adjacent Downers Grove, a town just outside of Chicago, and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

The three locations employ around 1,000 people all together.

Tyson CEO Donnie King announced the decision in a press statement. Relocation will begin early next year.

The official did not cite any further reasons for the sudden move, which comes as the latest blow to the embattled city’s dwindling image under Mayor Lightfoot, who assumed office just before the crime wave began, in late 2019.

Other companies have also taken note of the city’s rising dysfunction.

McDonalds opened an $250 million headquarters in the city in 2018, and the CEO of the world renown company has since criticized the city for its surging crime rates.

McDonalds has so far not decided to leave the city, the same can’t be said for other major corporations like Boeing, Caterpillar, and Citadel, all of which have decided to finally leave the windy city for good.

Aircraft titan Boeing has announced that it is leaving the city for Arlington, VA while Caterpillar is disembarking for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Chicago, a city that has long struggled with high crime, saw its already elevated rate of crime shoot through the stratosphere in the wake of the nationwide riots that occurred in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

In addition the city’s Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot, stripped $59 million dollars from the city’s police budget but has since significantly changed her tune in the face of the city’s crime wave.

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