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Biden Slams CNN While Comparing His 2020 Campaign to the Atlanta Braves

President Joe Biden met the 2021 World Series champion Atlanta Braves at the White House on Monday, in the process making a few jokes and comparison’s between their unlikely season and about his own election victory in the 2020 election. The Braves spent much of their championship run with a losing record, and it required a remarkable second half, fueled by many trade-deadline additions, to get the team into the playoffs in the first place. Biden also managed to get in a jab at CNN, a network that Democrats have increasingly become dissatisfied with in recent months as it has begun to finally change the tenor of its reporting away from a far-left direction. “Given a 0.4% chance of winning on CNN. No, I’m only joking, I listen to all the percentages at CNN, my batting average isn’t nearly as good.” Biden quipped. “But the franchise never quit, never gave in. You rebuilt the whole outfield, practically overnight, player-by-player, anyway, and then you grounded out, and you did it together. You made the playoffs and beat the Brewers and Dodgers, and then you beat the Astros, to win it all, forever known as the upset kings of October.” Biden continued. “One of history’s greatest turnarounds, the first title in 26 years, but none of it came easy, people counting you out. Heck, I know something about being counted out, and I know in Georgia, you show up when it counts” he crowed triumphantly. Biden and his party are now heading into a midterm election cycle in which they are expected to lose control of at least one chamber of Congress. [READ MORE: Chris Wallace’s New Sunday Show Debuts to Poor Ratings]

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