Walter Russell Mead and Liz Cheney at a Hudson Institute event. [PHOTO CRED: Hudson Institute, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

Liz Cheney Would Play Spoiler in 2024, New Poll Shows

Following Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s GOP primary loss earlier in August, she said she would do “whatever it takes to ensure Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office,” which included the possibility of challenging him for the Presidency.


Some pundits have suggested if she ran as an independent she could siphon enough votes from Trump to allow the Democrat’s nominee to win.


New polling from Yahoo! News suggests that she could play spoiler in an election. However, the numbers suggest she would damage Democratic Party’s chances, not Trumps.


The polling showed respondents preferred Biden to Trump, 42%-39% with 20% undecided.


However, once Cheney was added in a hypothetical three-way matchup as an independed, she siphoned off a significantly higher number of votes from Biden than Trump.


Respondents put Trump out in front with 37%, Biden with 29% and Cheney with 11% — which left 23% of those polled as undecided.


While the former Vice President’s daughter could have an impact on the election, she’s –for at least now–more likely to help Trump than hurt him by running as an Independent.


Republican and independent poll respondents were also asked to decide between Trump, DeSantis and Liz Cheney in a hypothetical GOP Primary election. Trump led with 50%, while DeSantis received 32% and Cheney registered 6%. 13% of respondents were undecided.


Cheney did not outperform Trump or DeSantis in any category in the 2024 GOP primary polling. Trump even led with 42% of the respondents who self-identified as CNN viewers to Cheney’s 24%. DeSantis picked up 30% of the CNN viewers and 4% were undecided.


If Cheney plans to play electoral spoiler for Trump, there doesn’t seem to be a path — which may only come as a surprise to beltway pundits and Cheney herself.


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