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Fox Show Goes off the Rails, Martha MacCallum Forced to Referee

A battle on Fox News between Democrat Richard Goodstein and Pete Hegseth went off the rails and host Marth MacCallum was forced to referee live on air.

The draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court overturning Roe and Casey has caused increased tensions at the network.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Is it wise. Is it politically wise? You have a lot of people who live in the suburbs a lot of independent voters, like 70%, that have a disapproval for this president. Is it wise to do sort of the ‘basket of deplorables’ plan here? Is that smart on the part of this president?” she asked.

Goodstein attempted to change the subject and it descended from there.

“Here’s what they’re freaked out about: You’re the party of defund the police, you’re the party of open borders, you’re the party of injecting race —” Hegseth interrupted.

“And you’re the party of bashing police on the Capitol grounds, okay?” Goodstein pushed back.

“No, no, no. You know what? That’s not fair,” MacCallum interrupted. “It’s not fair. Nobody wants to see — we’re like normal people, okay? We don’t want — nobody wants to see a policeman’s head bashed in. Whether it’s at the Capitol, I don’t want to see police officers in Minneapolis chased out of their own precinct and driven away from their own precinct, I don’t want to see that either.”


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