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Romney Admits Trump Will be 2024 Nominee if He Runs

Senator Mitt Romney (R.-Utah) has openly admitted that Republican for Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee for president if he wants to be.

Romney, who is famously anti-Trump and voted to impeach the former president revealed his thoughts this week, The Hill reports.

Romney admitted he doesn’t represent a large swath of the Republican party saying, “I don’t delude myself into thinking I have a big swath of the Republican Party… It’s hard to imagine anything that would derail his support. So, if he wants to become the nominee in ‘24, I think he’s very likely to achieve that.”

Trump has not made a decision on running yet, but has not ruled it out while teasing his intentions. Trump is the art of misdirection and he continues to do so as he travels around the country holding rallies and endorsing candidates.

Following a win in the Ohio Senate Primary from Trump endorsed candidate J.D. Vance who went from 3rd before the endorsement to first, Trump said, “I think we’re going to have a tremendous season. I think we’re going to win a lot of races with great candidates who are going to go on to big numbers in the fall.”

Romney was the only Republican senator to vote to convict on impeachment charges in the Senate during Trump’s first trial.

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