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NBC Informs Readers That Reporter Plagiarized Stories

The Daily Caller is reporting that NBC sent a letter to its readers admitting that they cheated.

The letter explains that a reporter produced 11 stories that used other news outlets as sources without giving them credit.

The Daily Caller goes on to report:

“A review by NBC News has found 11 articles written by a reporter over the last year that did not meet our standards for original material,” the note said. “The articles contained passages from other news organizations that were used without attribution. In all cases, the passages were not central to the stories, but instead contained supplemental or background material that did not represent original reporting.”

The plagiarism was seemingly done by political reporter Teaganne Finn, who the network did not outwardly identify in their statement to readers. The outlet discovered two plagiarized passages in her article titled, “Jan. 6 panel reaches deal with White House to defer some document requests” which detailed the Jan. 6 committee’s deal to defer Trump-era document requests in relation to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“NBC News has determined that two passages in an earlier version of this articleone about the agreement to shield President Trump’s records and another about the authorization given to the National Archiveswere not properly attributed to their original source and did not meet our standards for original material,” the editor’s note reads.

NBC News confirmed to the Daily Caller that Finn is no longer employed at the network and that this is the first known plagiarism incident that has occurred at the network. The network discovered the unattributed sentences during a routine editing process.

At leas they admitted it.

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