President Joe Biden departs the U.S. Capitol after speaking at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, October 28, 2021. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

Biden Gets Bad Poll Numbers Among Hispanics

Biden is losing a key demographic as new poll numbers show his support amongst Hispanics tanking.

The Hill reports that Biden’s poll numbers amongst Hispanics shows that only 26 percent of Hispanic voters approve of his job performance.

It appears calling them “Latinx” has not helped.

The Hill wrote:

A drastic decrease in support among Hispanic voters could foreshadow a disastrous midterm election for Biden and Democrats, particularly after that bloc seemed to sour on Biden in states such as Texas and Florida while propelling him to victory in key battlegrounds such as Arizona and Georgia in 2020.

And while Biden’s approval numbers might not correlate directly to support for Democratic or Republican candidates in November, Democratic voters low on the president could be less likely to show up at the polls.

“If Latinos are disapproving of the president’s performance, how might that translate into the congressional elections in November? That could translate in two ways. It could translate into Latinos choosing to support a non-Democratic candidate — whether that’s a Republican or an independent remains to be seen in the different congressional districts,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, director of race and ethnicity research at Pew Research Center. 

“But the other way that that might happen is that Latino voters may not feel motivated to turn out to vote,” added Lopez.

Even worse, Biden’s overall job approval is at 33 percent, putting him in Trump territory but with favorable pollsters and media.

Biden has tried to point to economic gains in the Hispanic community, but it doesn’t seems to be working.

Pollsters fear that Hispanics who lean Republican will be motivated to vote while those who lean Democrat will likely stay home and sit this one out, hurting the Democrats chances in 2022 and 2024.

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