Former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives Stacey Abrams speaking with attendees at a conversation at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona. [Photo Credit Gage Skidmore Wikimedia Commons]

DeSantis Promises ‘Cold War’ if Abrams Elected Governor of Georgia

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promised a “cold war” should Democrat savior Stacey Abrams, who perennially loses elections, should win the governorship in Georgia.

Abrams, who has found wealth since becoming the most popular loser in the Democrat party, is now running for governor in Georgia and DeSantis is taking notice.

The Daily Wire reports that DeSantis made the remarks while comparing Abrams to Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

“If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, I just want to be honest, that will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia,” he said. “I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north, that would be a disaster. So I hope you guys take care of that and we’ll end up in good shape.”

Castro succeeded his brother, Fidel Castro, as Cuba’s leader in 2011. Raúl Castro stepped down as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in 2021 and was replaced by Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Abrams announced her intention to run in the 2022 race at the end of last year. “Regardless of the pandemic or the storms, the obstacles in our way or the forces determined to divide us, my job has been to just put my head down and keep working toward one Georgia,” she said. “Because in the end, we are one Georgia.”

Among Abrams many agenda items she promises “cultivate school programs that proactively support LGBTQ+ kids,” while protecting women’s reproductive rights and providing high quality affordable child care for the ones who survive the former.

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