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Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent

The United States Senate has passed a bill that would make Daylight Savings Time permanent in 2023.

The measure still has to pass the House and be signed by the President but buzz is growing around the move and public support seems to be present.

The bill would stop the annual spring forward an hour event that just took place in early March.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) was the main steward of the bill to end the practice that started over 100 years ago.

Senator Rubio claims, “There’s strong science behind it that is now showing and making people aware of the harm that clock switching has, there’s an increase in heart attacks, car accidents and pedestrian accidents… The benefits of daylight saving time has been accounted for in the research: Reduced crime as there is light later in the day, decrease in seasonal depression that many feel during standard time and the practical one.”

The bill is called the Sunshine Protection Act and was passed through unanimous consent, meaning that there was no objection to the bill. 

The Senate proposal would require states to pick either daylight saving time, or standard time without being able to switch between the two.

18 states have passed laws to observe permanent daylight savings time.Daylight savings time creates more hours during the day and was originally passed in order to observe more hours and conserve energy from electricity and other sources.

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