NightlyNewsLink 03-02-2022

Biden’s Blames Bad Polling on Bizarre Scapegoat

In an interview with Brian Tyler Cohen, President Joe Biden declared that his unpopularity came from Americans being unable to “feel happy” because “of the psychological impact of COVID on the public.”

He further went on to say, “I hope my legacy is that I was able to restore some decency and honor to the office; I was able to bring the middle class back to a place where they had real opportunity, given an even chance to succeed; and I was able to reconstruct our alliances, which had been frayed so badly, internationally, and that I was able to bring people together, bring the politics of America together.”  [CLICK TO CONTINUE READING]

Anonymous takes down Russia’s state run news services in major cyber attack

Per Metro: The Russian news service TASS and several other state-owned media companies have been taken down by the Anonymous hacker collective.

In its latest move against Vladimir Putin, the hacker groups have disabled news services and replaced their websites with anti-war messages.(CONTINUE READING at Metro)

Dem Sees Foreign Policy Fail, Calls GOP Traitors

Opinion from America News Nation: As bombs fell on Kyiv late Wednesday night and the process of Biden foreign policy losing its second ally in seven months became apparent, California Democrat Eric Swalwell did the only thing he could think of: call Republicans traitors. Swalwell, the only current member of the House Foreign Relations Committee to have had an affair with a Chinese spy employed in by his office, took to Twitter to declare that “Kyiv and Kharkiv are being bombed. The largest invasion on our planet since WW2. Republicans are rooting for the Russians. God be with Ukraine and democracy.” (CONTINUE READING)


January 6th Committee Issues New Subpoenas

The Congressional January 6th Select Committee issued a new batch of Subpoenas Tuesday. (CLICK TO SEE WHO WAS GOT ONE)

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