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Disgraced New York Politician Seeking Redemption

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who left office following multiple sexual harrassment allegations is trying to redeem himself.


His campaign, which is sitting on boatloads of cash, is hitting the airwaves with new ads beginning next week.


According to the New York Daily News:

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been creeping back into the public spotlight recently, will feature in a new round of advertisements beginning on Monday, his spokesman said.

The ad campaign appears to be focused on rehabilitating Cuomo’s tarnished image after a torrent of sexual harassment allegations drove him out of office six months ago.

It was not clear if any campaign would follow the spots, but Cuomo had more than $16 million in his campaign coffers last month.

Cuomo’s spokesman declined to tell NY Daily News how much the campaign would be spending on the advertisements.

The new ad buy is following behind some recent allegations.

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Last week, a New York State Trooper has accused Cuomo of sexual harassment.


The unidentified trooper alleged Cuomo kissed her on the cheek and “placed the palm of his hand on her belly button and slid it across her waist to her right hip”, according to the Washington Examiner.


The Examiner also reported Cuomo’s staff has been involved in covering up the incident.


It appears Cuomo is either trying to run for office again or drown out the recent allegations. Only time will tell.



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