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Border Encounters Up, Fox News Host Passes Away, Dem Congressman Admits Romney was Right, Stocks Tumble

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Migrant Encounters at the Border Double

Per the Daily Caller:

The number of migrants encountered at the southern border in January nearly doubled that of January 2021, when President Joe Biden took office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported Friday. (READ MORE)



Stocks Sink & Oil Rises as Tensions Rise

Per Fox Business: U.S. stocks, in a choppy session, fell across the board on Tuesday as investors weighed President Biden’s sanctions against Russia following Vladimir Putin’s ordering of troops into separatist regions of eastern Ukraine. (READ MORE)

Former Fox News Host Passes Away at Age 73

Per 411 Breaking: Former Democrat strategist and a host on the Fox News Channel, Bob Beckel has passed away.

Beckel, who was a co-host of the popular “The Five”, was 73. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Judge Rules Lawsuit Against Trump and Militia Groups Can Proceed

A federal judge ruled that lawsuits against Donald Trump and militia groups can proceed. The lawsuits involve his actions leading up to the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol. [CLICK TO CONTINUE READING]

Liberal Congressman Admits Romney Was Right on Russia

Per the Washington Examiner:

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu is offering rare praise of Sen. Mitt Romney, arguing he was right in 2012 when he said that Russia was the No. 1 U.S. geopolitical foe.

Although Romney received widespread criticism during his 2012 campaign for president for his claim about Russia, Lieu joined a growing chorus saying the events over the last decade, and particularly renewed Russian aggression as the nation prepares for a likely invasion of Ukraine, proved him correct. [CONTINUE READING]

Biden Says He Will Sanction Russia

Per CNBC: President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Russia has begun “an invasion” of Ukraine, and he announced sweeping sanctions on the major Russian bank VEB and its military bank, as well as on the country’s sovereign debt and on three individuals. [CONTINUE READING]

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