China and Russia Teaming Up; Dems Signal Trouble; FBI’s Secret Surveillance Plan

Two Congresswoman are Calling for Biden to be Impeached

New York Congresswomen Claudia Tenney and Nicole Malliotakis blasted President Biden after footage merged of migrants being flown from Southern Border states to suburban parts of New York. (Fox News)


China and Russia Teaming Up for Space Exploration

China and Russia plan to sign an agreement to build a research station on the moon, according to the Chinese space agency. (Bloomberg)


Court Finds Pennsylvania Mail-In-Ballot Law Unconstitutional

A Pennsylvania court found that the state’s 2019 mail-in ballot law is unconstitutional on Friday. (Daily Caller)


The FBI Secretly Explored Hacking US Cell Phones of Private Citizens

The FBI secretly bought Israeli spyware to use as domestic surveillence on its’ own citizens, per a NYTimes investigation.


Biden Visits Bridge Which Collapsed Morning of His Pittsburgh Visit

Biden arrived to Pittsburgh mere hours after a bridge collapsed. The purpose of his previously planned visit was to tout infrastructure, but he added a stop at collapsed bridge. (AP)


DCCC Expands List of Vulnerable Democrats

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee expanded it’s list of House Democrats who need support facing tough reelection campaigns. A total of 7 lawmakers from across the country were added to the list signaling Democrats are increasingly nervous about how they will fair in the midterms. (Washington Times)

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