President Joe Biden signs the Further Surface Transportation Extension Act, Sunday, October 31, 2021, at Villa Taverna in Rome. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Biden Claims First Year was Successful as Dem Support for Re-Election Plummets

Inflation is at 7%, the government’s response to covid is chaotic, the supply chain is struggling, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster.

Despite the problems, President Joe Biden has marked his one year anniversary in office by claiming success.

Critics pounced noting that inflation is at a 40 year high and grocery store shelves are empty.

They also highlighted the boondoggle that was Afghanistan and the chaotic pull out from a country that counted on us for so long.

Critics aren’t the only ones taking notice of Biden’s inability to lead now less than half of Democrats think Biden should run for re-election.

A new poll from AP/NORC reveals hat 48% of Democrats think Biden should run for re-election. Even worse, 28% of Americans believe he should run again.

The poll coupled with the one year press conference of Biden shows that the Administration is a long way away from reality.


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