Nasdaq Stock Exchange (Credit: bfishadow on Flickr, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Three Biggest Stock Moves During Monday’s Market Sell Off

The major market indices sold off sharply Monday as the new Covid variant Omicron roiled the market along with investors running up to the December 31st deadline to book tax losses for the calendar year. The Dow is down 1.5%, while the Nasdaq is down 1.29% and the Russell 2000 has taken over a 2% hit today.


Here are the three biggest movers in today’s market:


Society Pass (SOPA) gained nearly 300%. The Southeast Asian e-commerce company opened at $4.44 per share and sits at $13.17.


BlueRock Residential (BRG), a real estate investment trust, gained over 70% today on news that it will be acquired by asset management firm Blackstone (BX).


Clinical state biopharmaceutical company Summit Therapeutics (SMMT) is down over 45% today. The steep drop follows the company announcing less than favorable news on one of its clinical trials. It plans to present full results of the trial at an upcoming medical conference.


This is not investment advice nor is it a recommendation to buy or sell a security. The author of this article does not have a position in any of these companies and does not intent to initiate a position in any of the aforementioned companies.



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