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New Poll Shows Trump Enjoying Almost Unbelievable 6 Point Lead in Wisconsin

Following the first 2024 presidential debate, a recent survey indicated that former president Donald Trump leads current President Joe Biden by a decisive six points in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state.

According to a survey by Impact Research, AARP, and Felizio Ward, 44% of probable Wisconsin voters said they would vote for Trump in November, while 38% said they would vote for Biden.

Only 9% of respondents said they would vote for independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 5% said they were unsure, and 4% said they would cast their ballot for a different candidate.

When asked who they would support in a head-to-head contest without the other candidates, likely voters continued to give Trump a 5-point advantage over Biden, with 50% of likely voters supporting Trump and 45% supporting Biden.

After the two candidates’ most recent debate, 56% of viewers claimed that Trump had won and 13% claimed that Biden had. According to another 23%, neither candidate prevailed in the debate.

According to the survey, Republicans are more unified in their support of Trump than Democrats are of Biden, with 93% of Wisconsin Republicans voting for the former president compared to 86% of Democrats for Biden.

There could be significant ramifications for both parties’ voter turnout rates because to the disparity in voter enthusiasm.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), who is running against Republican candidate Eric Hovde, had a substantial edge over Biden according to the poll, but she also had a lead over her opponent, with 45% and 50% of likely voters supporting her, respectively.

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