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Carville Claims Biden Should Immediately be Replaced as Democratic Nominee

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville stated on Monday that, in light of President Biden’s dismal performance in the debate against former President Trump, he ought to be replaced at the head of the 2024 ticket.

In response to questions from CNN anchor Jake Tapper about what the Democrats should do in light of the debate’s controversy, strategist Carville said, “Something different.”

“Everyone saw what they saw on Thursday night. I don’t take any pleasure in this. President Biden’s a great guy, I’m a great guy too. I don’t have any business running campaigns anymore.” Carville said.

“The country is clamoring for change, and what are we going to offer them? The same stuff? It doesn’t make any sense, Jake,” Carville continued.

“They want something different. Let’s give it to them. I just don’t get the whole thing, I’ll be honest with you,” he added.

He brought up the fact that, according to a CBS News survey released on Sunday, 72% of participants don’t think Joe Biden’s health is sufficient for him to be president.

Along with House Democrats who have questioned whether Biden should continue to lead this year’s presidential election, Carville is among the Democrats who have proposed that Biden resign as soon as possible.

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