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Biden Family Demands He Stay the Course After Disastrous Debate

According to a fresh report on Sunday, President Joe Biden’s family members pushed him to continue running in the 2024 election this weekend at Camp David after his unsteady debate performance last Thursday alarmed Democrats.

The New York Times was informed by sources that although Biden acknowledged how poorly he performed in his matchup with former President Donald Trump, Biden’s family believes he can still hold the office for another four years.

According to a source with knowledge of the conversation, one of the most ardent opponents of his father’s withdrawal was Hunter Biden, the president’s son, who was just found guilty of gun-related offenses and is scheduled for a second trial related to tax matters.

According to the story, in an attempt to reassure the public, President Biden has been asking his aides for advice on how to move forward, with staff members arguing over whether he should conduct a press conference or participate in interviews going forward.

After 81-year-old Biden’s sluggish debate performance, many Democrats are apparently apoplectic out about the the potential fallout from the debate.

Donors and the editorial board of The New York Times are among those putting increasing pressure on Biden to withdraw and allow the party to choose a different candidate for its convention in August.

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