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Prominent Bishop Accuses President Biden of Mocking Catholic Faith

A prominent Catholic bishop accused President Biden, who professes to be a “practicing Catholic,” of mocking the Catholic faith in a video that has since gone viral.

Thomas John Paprocki, the Catholic bishop of Springfield, Illinois, condemned Joe Biden to heresy in a video that he released.

According to Paprocki, Biden pledged in his March State of the Union Address to do everything possible to reinstate Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.

Further, Paprocki described a subsequent occurrence in which he claimed Biden had behaved in a sacrilegious fashion.

“Last month on April 23, Biden compounded his support for the sin of abortion by making the sign of the cross during an abortion rally in Tampa, Florida. According to news reports describing the incident, Biden made the sign of the cross while a Biden supporter onstage criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a bill into law reducing the time from which an abortion in the state would be legal from 15 to six weeks of gestation.” Paprocki said.

“With Biden standing next to Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Nikki Fried, she said, “And then we come back here to the state of Florida where 15 weeks wasn’t good enough, so we had to go to six weeks,” referring to the new limit until which abortion is allowed under state law. As soon as Fried said, “wasn’t good enough,” Biden began to cross himself with the sign of the cross.” he continued.

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