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RFK Jr. Campaign Proposes Making Major Cuts to the Military

If elected president, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. would nearly halve military expenditure to fund an array of new and expanded social programs, according to his campaign.

Senior adviser to the Kennedy campaign Charles Eisenstein stated that the candidate would seek to reduce military expenditure to a degree not seen since the final year of President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration.

“Everything hinges on demilitarization. OK, like massive cuts in the military budget.” Eisenstein said.

“We’ll be coming out with policies that are more specific. But I’m just painting a general picture of an obsolete, massive military machine that has spent a trillion dollars in regime-change wars over the last 20 years. A trillion dollars. What have we achieved with that? Can you say that we were successful even in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria, or Libya? I mean, these countries have descended into chaos.” he continued.

The budgetary reductions would be reallocated towards the maintenance of child care subsidies and additional welfare initiatives.

Kennedy is vying for the presidency on an independent, long-shot ticket. Kennedy ranks a third-place finisher, with former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden following suit.

Eisenstein, when asked where the cutbacks would originate, provided the examples of decommissioning aircraft carriers and closing overseas military bases.

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