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Heroic Fraternity Member Who Went Viral for Saving American Flag From Pro-Palestinian Protestors Speaks Out

Wednesday marked Brendan Rosenblum’s debut on NewsNation, following the viral success of a video featuring him and his fraternity brothers guarding an American flag on campus during a protest.

The video incited viewers to give hundreds of thousands of dollars in crowdfunding efforts for the college students.

Tuesday, Rosenblum, a Pi Kappa Phi fraternity member, discussed his endeavors with Leland Vittert of On Balance. Protesters hoisted a Palestinian flag in place of an American flag flown at half-staff in remembrance of deceased police officers in the state.

Although the American flag was eventually reinstated in its designated location, protesters were thwarted by a group of young men who formed a perimeter around it.

At one juncture, Rosenblum is additionally observed hoisting the flag of Israel amidst debris and water bottles hurled at him by members of the throng.

“These people wanted to take down the flag, and we were there to protect it. And it was important that I stood there with the Israeli flag because Israel and America work side by side. Our values are very similar, and we feel protected in both of these nations, and it’s important that we stand together,” Roseblum stated.

“Fraternity members get a bad rap, but in the end, we have a brotherhood and a belief of who we are. All of us felt that America and the American flag and, for me, the Israeli flag represented what we believe in. And we weren’t going to let anyone stop us from keeping those two things up and representing for what we believe in.” he added.

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