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Cannon Sides With Prosecutors in Trump Case Over Issue of Releasing Evidence to the Public

In a recent ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has now predominantly decided to support special counsel Jack Smith in his efforts to protect specific information from former President Trump’s legal team.

This comes as they make preparations for the upcoming trial in the documents case.

Prosecutors have the authority to redact or summarize certain parts of classified discovery before providing it to defendants, thanks to the Classified Information Procedures Act.

Cannon has given his approval to the Justice Department’s request, although he has chosen to delay making a decision on certain documents involved in the Mar-a-Lago case.

The recent order grants prosecutors the authority to make certain redactions on select after-action reports, while also permitting them to provide a concise summary of documents pertaining to potential government witnesses.

Smith is authorized to retain certain documents that were not considered pertinent or beneficial to Trump’s inquiry.

According to Cannon, further hearings will be necessary to decide whether certain sensitive intelligence reports, including those related to one of the documents Trump is accused of taking, should be withheld during discovery.

Additionally, some of the after-action reports will also be considered.

In the midst of increased scrutiny surrounding Cannon’s management of the case, a ruling has been made.

Earlier this week, she requested both parties to draft proposed jury instructions, which would incorporate a crucial defense by Trump.

This defense argues that the documents in question could be classified as his personal property under the Presidential Records Act.

The judge, Cannon, has not made any rulings on several motions filed by Trump to dismiss the case.

Additionally, a new trial date has not been scheduled yet, as both parties have proposed delaying the trial originally set for May.

Trump has suggested delaying the trial until after the election, while Smith has proposed a trial in July.

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