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Kellyanne Conways Slams Democrats for Being Hostile to Religion

In a recent statement, Kellyanne Conway, a Fox News contributor, highlighted the Democratic Party’s struggle to retain non-White voters while also slamming white liberals for their hostility to religion.

Meanwhile, she noted that a significant number of White Democratic voters prioritize physical activity and enjoy brunch on Sundays.

In a recent appearance on Kudlow on Fox Business, the renowned pollster and former White House adviser to Donald Trump delved into the topic of Republicans making significant gains with traditionally loyal Democratic voting blocs.

“The minority voters – in large part, particularly Hispanic and African American males – are leaving the Democratic Party. They believe the Democratic Party has left them. It has something to do with economic upward mobility, home ownership, business ownership. But it has so much to do with public safety and the cultural issues.” Conway said.

Conway discussed the impact of pandemic-era lockdowns and then shifted her focus to religion, expressing her belief that Democrats are openly hostile towards it.

“They’re always offering their thoughts now. They won’t even say ‘thoughts and prayers’ anymore. ‘I offer you my thoughts, Larry.’ They won’t even say ‘prayers’…” Conway said.

“You walk into any Catholic church – we’re both Catholic, Larry – you walk into any Catholic church in any major suburb in our nation on a Saturday, Sunday, who’s in there?” she continued.

“Multi-generations in the pews, Hispanics, and Asian Americans. I’ve seen it firsthand. The Masses are in Tagalog, they’re in Korean, they’re in Spanish. That’s who’s propping up the churches. The Whites are out jogging and having brunch. They’ve lost it. They’re openly hostile to the people.” she concluded.

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