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Liberal Pollster Claims Biden on Path to Lose to Trump in 2024

On Monday, writer and statistician Nate Silver expressed a number of concerns regarding the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden, noting that Democrats appear to have no strategy to resolve the issues.

The co-founder and former editor-in-chief of polling analysis website FiveThirtyEight stated in his “Silver Bulletin” newsletter on Monday that his assessment of the prospective rematch between former President Donald Trump, 77, and 81-year-old Joe Biden has changed substantially in the past year.

Silver cited Biden’s advanced age and his aversion to participating in significant interviews, including the customary Super Bowl interview, as primary issues pertaining to his campaign.

“If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have told you that Joe Biden was a reasonably clear favorite in the event of a rematch against Donald Trump. Biden’s situation has become considerably worse.” Silver said.

“If he were 10 years younger, he might still be a 65/35 favorite. But if his campaign is substantially encumbered by his age, he’s probably the underdog.” he continued.

Silver’s most recent article on Biden’s susceptibility follows a newsletter he authored in November in which he advised the Democratic Party to consider promoting a different candidate in 2024 if it is to win.

“Personally, I crossed the rubicon in November, concluding that Biden should stand down if he wasn’t going to be able to run a normal reelection campaign — meaning, things like conduct a Super Bowl interview. Yes, it’s a huge risk and, yes, Biden can still win. But he’s losing now and there’s no plan to fix the problems other than hoping that the polls are wrong or that voters look at the race differently when they have more time to focus on it.” Silver concluded.

Trump maintains his lead over the president in all national polling averages.

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