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Legislators Unveil New Bill to Try and Get Ukraine Aide Passed

On Friday, a bipartisan coalition of moderate House members introduced an emergency funding bill that encompasses assistance for Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel, in addition to border security policy.

In an effort to assist U.S. allies once more, centrists are searching for an alternative approach following the Republicans’ rejection of the Senate-passed foreign aid package earlier in the week.

In spite of warnings that Ukrainian forces are running low on weapons and supplies, the proposal is intended to break the months-long impasse over military aid for Kiev by linking it to the stricter border security measures demanded by House conservatives and Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La. ), who has refused to hold a vote on the Senate-passed bill.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), who assisted in the package’s negotiations, stated that he would have cast his vote in favor of the $95 billion Senate measure, which was supported by 22 Republicans and 70 senators.

However, he conceded that Johnson is encountering challenging circumstances in the House and put forth his proposal as a potential resolution to the protracted impasse.

In reality, it is highly improbable that the bill will succeed in passing either chamber.

The absence of numerous border security measures in the House-passed Republican bill, H.R. 2, is certain to provoke disapproval from conservatives.

Similarly, the “remain in Mexico” provision and the omission of humanitarian aid for Gaza, Ukraine, and other global hotspots are certain to face opposition from Democrats.

However, the bill may add more pressure for Speaker Johnson to allow a massive foreign aide bill passed by the Senate, which has gives away an incredible 60 billion dollars to Ukraine, to go to the House floor for a vote.

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