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Judge Threatens to Jail Trump Lawyer Alina Habba

The federal judge supervising the defamation trial of former President Trump, which was initiated by columnist E. Jean Carroll, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, threatened to jail Trump counsel Alina Habba on Friday for interrupting him during the proceedings.

The occurrence transpired mere minutes after the commencement of Friday’s proceedings and prior to the jury’s arrival for the day.

“You are on the verge of spending some time in the lockup. Now sit down,” Kaplan told Habba during the closing arguments.

The disputing parties were debating a graphic that Trump’s team intended to incorporate into their presentation, which stated that Carroll had failed to establish a causal connection between Trump’s denials that he sexually assaulted the columnist and the emotional and reputational damages that she claims to have endured.

The majority of Habba’s arguments centered on a five-hour gap between the time Carroll’s accusation surfaced in 2019 and the time Trump issued his initial statement deemed defamatory in the case, as she put it.

The slide featured a collection of tweets that were allegedly directed towards Carroll, criticizing her prior to the release of Trump’s statement.

The purpose of these tweets was to demonstrate that the threats Carroll received afterward could not be ascribed to the remarks made by the then-president.

Although the graphic failed to visually depict the content of the tweets, Kaplan forbade its presentation on the grounds that the tweets had not yet been submitted as evidence.

Habba persisted in speaking after Kaplan denied her permission to present the slide; she stated that she wished to record her argument, which incited the judge’s admonition, which was the action which caused Kaplain to issue his unusual threat.

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