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Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis Hit With Subpoena by Divorce Case

In an ongoing divorce case involving a senior prosecutor also implicated in the matter, the Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney who filed election interference charges against former President Trump was subpoenaed, according to a court filing.

An outside attorney hired by District Attorney Fani Willis (D) to assist with the Trump prosecution, special prosecutor Nathan Wade, was accused earlier this week by Mike Roman, one of Trump’s co-defendants in the case, of participating in a “improper” romantic relationship with Willis.

On Monday, the deposition subpoena was delivered to Willis via her executive assistant by a process server, according to the filing.

The explosive accusation was disclosed in court documents filed by Roman’s attorney later that day.

As part of a motion to disqualify Willis and dismiss the case, the disclosure was made.

The complaint argued that the arrangement created an irreparable conflict of interest because Wade is financially motivated to continue prosecuting the case in exchange for “lucrative amounts.”

County records indicate that Wade was compensated for his contribution to the investigation with legal fees totaling nearly $654,000 in 2022 and 2023.

Wade’s divorce case, according to Ashleigh Merchant, Roman’s counsel, contained additional evidence of the accusation.

Merchant, she said, had also filed a motion to unseal the aforementioned documents, which are currently sealed.

Trump has sought to highlight the case, in part to undermine the liberal DA’s ongoing case against him.

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