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REPORT: Biden Administration Eases Restrictions on Chinese Immigrants

In an effort to facilitate the entry of Chinese undocumented immigrants into the United States, Border Patrol agents were reportedly compelled, at the direction of the Biden administration, to ask the immigrants no more than five questions as opposed to the forty or so they had previously posed.

An April 2023 email from a Customs and Border Protection supervisor to a “master list” of approximately 500 Border Patrol agents disclosed the aforementioned information.

Agents were directed in the email to forward and convey any immigrants who responded positively to any of the five inquiries to the tactical Terrorism Response Team.

This team is tasked with questioning Chinese illegal immigrants who may have ties to terrorism or the Chinese government.

Approximately one hundred reported incidents involve Chinese nationals posing as tourists who tested the security of sensitive locations, including military bases, according to federal officials, posing a potential serious threat of espionage.

The officials elaborated that the incidents frequently transpire in rural regions devoid of tourists, and that the nationals’ interactions with the security officers seem to be premeditated rather than natural conversation, indicating that they may be pursing a hidden agenda.

The Defense Department, FBI, and other agencies investigated the matter, as reported by The Wall Street Journal in September. It was determined that Chinese nationals were obligated to return the information they obtained to the Communist Chinese government.

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