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Haley Overcomes DeSantis in National Polling Average

For the first time in the 2024 campaign, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has surpassed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in the national polling average of FiveThirtyEight (538).

Wednesday, on X, formerly known as Twitter, senior editor and senior elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich of the polling analysis website proclaimed Haley’s move into second place.

He highlighted caveats regarding poll confidence intervals and the existence of multiple methods for calculating the polling average.

However, the former United Nations ambassador is ahead with an average of 538.

This signifies the inaugural occurrence in the 2024 election where Haley has secured the second position in the pollster’s average and further underscores her ascent in the surveys during the preceding months.

Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and current candidate, has been gathering momentum since August, fueled by a series of impressive primary debate performances.

Although DeSantis finished in second place among Republicans for the majority of the race, there was a moment when he trailed former President Trump by a narrow margin.

However, in recent months, his national percentage has declined from over 30 percent to the low double digits.

Ahead by 50 points in the national average of 538, Trump remains the unequivocal frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

Although he holds substantial leads in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Haley has also been making progress in these regions, particularly in the latter.

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