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Chris Christie Slams Haley for Answer to Civil War Question

Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie denounced his primary opponent Nikki Haley’s comments regarding the Civil War and slavery, but added that Haley lacked “any racist bone in her body.”

Thursday, during his own town hall in New Hampshire, Christie addressed the contentious remarks made by Haley the day before in Berlin, New Hampshire.

“If someone asked me what the cause of the Civil War was, it’s easy. It’s slavery,”Christie said. He then added that while he had stood up for Haley in the past “because she’s been my friend for 13 years,” he could not defend her now:

“She didn’t say what she said last night and today about this because she’s dumb. She’s not, she’s smart and she knows better. And she didn’t say it because she’s a racist, because she’s not. I know her well and I don’t believe Nikki has a racist bone in her body. But for purposes, this race, the reason she did it is just as bad, if not worse, and should make everybody concerned about her candidacy.” Christie said.

“She did it because she’s unwilling to offend anyone by telling the truth, and so she isn’t willing to say the same things about abortion in New Hampshire that she says in Iowa because she doesn’t want to offend people in Iowa who have a different feeling than people in New Hampshire. But then she comes to New Hampshire, she doesn’t want to offend them either.And she’s unwilling to tell the truth about Donald Trump. She says he was the right president for the right time.” he continued.

“She’s not a racist, it’s worse in some respects. When you want to be president, it’s worse to be able to be dishonest with people, and that’s what’s happening here, she’s holding back.” he added later on.

“I’m sure Nikki will see this, so I want to talk directly to her, okay. The Civil War was not a choice between change and tradition. It was a choice between right and wrong, and that’s it, and we got to stand on the side of right.” Christie concluded.

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