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Top Evangelical Leader Slams Poll Showing Strong Trump Support in Iowa

Bob Vander Plaats, a prominent evangelical leader from Iowa, stated that he is not convinced by recent polling indicating that evangelical voters continue to support former President Trump.

He stated that he is a huge Ann Selzer, an Iowa political pollster, fan, but that she has previously made errors.

“I don’t think he’s got a 30-point lead. And I think there’s plenty of time to make that up.” he stated.

Vander Plaats’s endorsement of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) over a month prior to the interview occurred, and DeSantis continues to lag behind the former president in state and national polls.

He stated that he does not believe a schism exists between evangelicals who support the former president and those who do not.

According to Vander Plaats, CEO of the Iowa-based Christian organization The Family Leader, evangelical Iowa voters prefer Trump to DeSantis due to the former president’s greater notoriety.

“He did things that they remember. And so you’re not going to leave him until you’re sold on somebody,” he continued.

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