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GOP Lawmaker Accuses Santos of Charging His Credit Card Without Asking

Rep. Max Miller (R-Ohio) asserts that Rep. George Santos (R-New York), who was recently expelled, personally defrauded him and his mother by making unauthorized charges to their credit cards.

As a result of the allegations, Miller and his mother have incurred “tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees” and neither he nor his mother approved of them.

“Late yesterday on the floor I alluded to a personal impact of Rep. Santos’s conduct. Earlier this year I learned that the Santos campaign had charged my personal credit card — and the personal credit card of my Mother — for contribution amounts that exceeded FEC limits.” Miller wrote in an email to other members.

Santos was expelled from the House on Friday, bringing an end to his tumultuous tenure in Congress and making him the sixth lawmaker in House history to be removed from office.

Despite facing a federal indictment for 23 counts of wire fraud, identity theft, and other campaign finance offenses, he managed to evade two prior expulsion attempts.

Santos was expelled by a vote of 311-114-2, with 105 Republicans joining the vast majority of Democrats in their effort to remove the eleven-month-old New York lawmaker from office.

In January, Miller demanded Santos’ resignation following the revelation that he had fabricated his resume while campaigning.

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