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Trump Send Shocking Warning to Mexico in Event of World War Three

In an interview with Univision that aired late on Thursday, former President Donald Trump appeared to threaten to destroy Mexico should World War III break out.

Trump emphasized the gravity of the possibility of international conflict by drawing a comparison between the prospect of nuclear weapons and environmental issues.

“You could end up in World War III. And if World War III happens, probably Mexico will no longer be around. Because the power of nuclear weapons are so big, if they hit us, you’re gonna be wiped out too. That’s how bad it is.” Trump told Univision host Enrique Acevedo during a recent interview.

“When I hear these people talking about the environment and, over a 300-year period, ‘the oceans will rise by one one hundredth of an inch, and this is such a threat.’ It’s not a threat. The threat is not global warming, it’s nuclear warming. It’s the single biggest threat to your country, to our county, to every country:” Trump continued.

After Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization, launched strikes against Israel on October 7, there has been a significant increase in international tensions.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, declared on October 9 that Israel’s response to the attacks would “echo for generations,” in an ominous warning.

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