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New Poll Shows Majority Now Think They’d be Financially Better Off, U.S. would be Safer if Trump Wins in 2024

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans stated that they thought former President Trump would be reelected to the White House because they would be better off financially and the country would avoid going to war.

According to a recent CBS News poll, 45% of Americans thought that if the former president was successful in his third attempt to win the presidency, their financial situation would improve.

Twenty-three percent said nothing would change and another thirty-two percent indicated they would be worse off financially if Trump wins.

When questioned about the economy, poll respondents gave President Biden a worse rating than they did Trump.

Just 18% of voters stated they would be in a better financial situation if Biden were to win a second term, compared to 48% who claimed they would be in a worse one. 34% more people stated they would stay the same.

Regarding the likelihood that the United States will avoid going to war in the foreseeable future, people gave Trump greater faith than they did Biden.

If Trump were to win next year’s election, 43 percent of voters believed there would be a lower likelihood of American involvement in a war, while 39 percent believed there would be a higher one.

In 2024, if Biden wins the presidency, 49% of voters said that there would be a higher likelihood of conflict in the United States, while 23% predicted that there would be a lower likelihood under Biden’s direction.

Twenty-three percent responded that if he were elected again, nothing would change.

With a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points, the CBS News/YouGov survey was performed among 2,636 adult residents of the United States between October 30 and November 3.

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