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CNN Closes Headquarters in Atlanta after 35 Years

After airing its last program on Friday, CNN has now closed its original headquarters in Atlanta, which is located in the state of Georgia.

At the opening of the edition of News Central CNN that aired on Friday, CNN host Kate Bolduan made the announcement that the show would be the last one to be broadcast by control rooms at the CNN Center in Atlanta.

After more than 35 years in the broadcasting industry, the operation is getting ready to relocate to the remodeled 30-acre facility at Turner Techwood in Midtown.

Bolduan displayed live footage of the building that was about to be demolished, pointing out the CNN sign that was located on top of the tower.

She mentioned that she and the other anchors on the show work from New York, but that the majority of the editorial team and the show’s control rooms are located at the “iconic” CNN Center in Atlanta, which is also referred to as CNN’s World News Headquarters.

According to the site, AT&T, which had previously served as the parent company of CNN, tried to cut costs by selling the CNN Center to two real estate companies situated in Florida. These companies were CP Group and Rialto Capital Management.

The new parent company of CNN, Warner Bros. Discovery, is responsible for preparing the Midtown Techwood site for CNN’s employees in Atlanta.

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