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McCarthy Endorses Jim Jordan for House Speaker

Kevin McCarthy, a former House Speaker, declared on Monday that he will support Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for the position of Speaker.

“It’s one thing to get elected. It’s another thing to govern. It’s time to get the House out of this tailspin, come together, and get America back on the right track. Jim Jordan can do it,” McCarthy said during a recent Fox News appearance.

After House Majority Leader Steve Scalise withdrew from the contest over the weekend, Jordan continued to gain support from House Republicans.

Jordan will have a difficult time becoming speaker because 55 Republicans who said they would oppose the Ohio Republican in a floor vote on Friday must change their minds.

McCarthy also criticized the eight Republicans who he said collaborated with the Democrats to remove him from office, claiming concern for the service members who would have suffered if the government had actually shut down due to a spending dispute.

“The real challenge here is, and I know a lot of people out there are afraid that will Republicans break off and go work with Democrats, the only reason anybody’s even talking about that is because eight Republican members worked with every single Democrat to remove me from speaker and put us into this tailspin and all based upon keeping government open,”  McCarthy said during the appearance.

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