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Billionaire Ray Dalio Declares 50 Percent Chance of WW3 Breaking Out in Near Future

According to billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, there is a 50% chance that a world war would break out soon.

The start of “hot wars” between Israel and Hamas, Russia and Ukraine, and Dalio claimed “should raise revulsion and fear in everyone,” which is justified.

But what appears to be looming is the possibility of a similar escalation between the United States and China, which would plunge the entire globe into a state of raging conflict.

“In my opinion, this war has a high risk of leading to several other conflicts of different types in a number of places, and it is likely to have harmful effects that will extend beyond those in Israel and Gaza. Primarily for those reasons, it appears to me that the odds of transitioning from the contained conflicts to a more uncontained hot world war that includes the major powers have risen from about 35% to about 50% over the last two years since I wrote my book Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order.” Dalio said.

It’s extremely likely that  new confrontations may start up because of the fighting in Gaza and the rising death toll there, in addition China may attempt to take advantage of the chaos to finally wrest control of Taiwan. A strategic island it has long coveted.

It is unclear exactly how the U.S. would respond in such an event.

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