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Republicans Announce Opposition to More Ukraine Aid in New Letter to White House

Republicans have reportedly vowed to veto any aid to Ukraine in a new letter to the White House, raising concerns about the money’s use and whether Kyiv is making headway against Russia.

In their letter, the lawmakers contend that it would be ludicrous to agree to the White House’s request for additional funding in the absence of responses to their questions.

“The American people deserve to know what their money has gone to. How is the counteroffensive going? Are the Ukrainians any closer to victory than they were 6 months ago? What is our strategy, and what is the president’s exit plan? What does the administration define as victory in Ukraine?” the lawmakers wrote in the letter.

“For these reasons—and certainly until we receive answers to the questions above and others forthcoming—we oppose the additional expenditure for war in Ukraine included in your request.” it continued.

Among the signatories are Republican Sens. JD Vance of Ohio, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Mike Braun of Indiana, as well as Republican Reps. Chip Roy of Texas, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Clay Higgins of Louisiana, and Byron Donalds of Florida.

Less than a year after his previous visit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is on his way back to Washington on Thursday. During his stay, he is scheduled to meet with members of Congress and congressional leadership.

A year and a half after Moscow invaded its neighbor, President Biden has asked for $24 billion in new financing for Ukraine as the nation continues to repel Russian aggression.

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