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REPORT: French Ambassador in Niger Being Held Hostage

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, the military junta is reportedly holding France’s ambassador hostage in Niger.

Since the military junta took control of Niger after overthrowing President Mohamed Bazoum in July, France, which has 1,500 soldiers stationed there, has declined to negotiate with the government.

“As we speak, we have an ambassador and diplomatic staff who are literally being held hostage in the French embassy,” Macron said.

“They are preventing food deliveries. He is eating military rations.” he continued.

Amadou Abdramane, a spokesperson of the junta, replied by halting any agreements for military cooperation with France.

According to French news, the junta gave the French ambassador Sylvain Itte 48 hours to depart the country on August 25.

When it came to sending an ambassador to Niger for talks, France and the U.S. disagreed because France has long argued for a diplomatic resolution to the dispute whereas the U.S. has disagreed.

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