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Trump Brags That Democrats Praise Him for Vaccine, but He’s ‘Not Proud of it’

Despite not being proud of it, former president Donald Trump reportedly boasted that his Democratic pals thought the covid vaccination was his greatest achievement.

During a lengthy interview with Megyn Kelly for the Thursday episode of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, Trump discussed his 2020 campaign strategy and his time in office.

“As far as the vaccine is concerned, you had the original Covid and the vaccine had an impact on that. There are some people, I will tell you, some friends of mine that are Democrat, I think they voted for me. But they’re Democrat, very smart people, top people. They say, ‘You know, I don’t understand one thing. Why don’t you talk more about the vaccine? It was one of the greatest things you’ve ever done. Now think of that. And I say, ‘I’m not going to talk about it one way or the other.’” Trump reportedly said.

“First of all, no mandates. I don’t want mandates. I never had mandates. Florida sort of had a mandate because they were giving the vaccine. They were demanding everybody take the vaccine,” Trump continued.

“I didn’t demand anybody take it. But I have people on the other side. Not my side. Although probably there are some on my side, too. They said ‘You saved 100 million people’ — because I got it done in nine months as opposed to five years to 12 years,” he added.

“You’re proud of it?” Kelly asked the former president.

“No, I’m not proud of it. I’m saying what Democrats think,” Trump claimed.

Previously Trump had spoken of the covid vaccine as one of the signature accomplishments of his administration.

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