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California State Assembly Approves Bill Decriminalizing Psychedelics

The California Assembly has now reportedly passed a bill that would make California the third state to decriminalize the personal use of psychedelic substances.

The lower chamber of the state legislature, which is dominated by Democrats, passed the proposal on Wednesday with a final vote total of 44 in favor, 14 against, and 22 abstentions.

Together with their Democratic counterparts, the bill received the support of four of the 13 Republican Assembly members.

The state senate already approved a more expansive version of the law. By the end of the next week, that chamber is anticipated to pass the final version and submit the bill to Governor Gavin Newsom.

Californians 21 and older would be permitted to use, acquire, grow, or transport trace amounts of psychedelic drugs like hallucinogenic mushrooms if Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s bill is approved. Such medications would still not be allowed to be shared or distributed.

Magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances have previously been made legal in Oregon, Colorado, and a number of local authorities.

The California bill was revised last week to decrease the permissible amount of the narcotics and delay implementation until 2025, but not without a difficult vote and fierce criticism from groups representing drug-safety activists and law enforcement officials.

A clause that would have decriminalized the use of these substances for therapeutic purposes was removed from the law earlier this year.

By the beginning of 2025, a work committee established by the law is tasked with creating a legislative framework allowing mental health professionals to administer hallucinogens to patients.

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