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Biden Administration Issues New Draconian Rules for Vehicle Fuel Economy

Federal officials are reportedly recommending more stringent fuel economy requirements for light-duty automobiles and trucks, claiming that the revised regulations will cut pollution and cost customers less at the pump.

For model years 2027 to 2032, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday proposed new fuel-economy rules that would limit how far a gallon of gasoline could take a car in the United States.

By 2032, instead of the current model year 2026 requirement of 49 miles per gallon, automakers would have to sell a portfolio of light-duty vehicles averaging 58 miles per gallon.

Although the plan from the government does not require automakers to provide electric vehicles, it would probably compel the sector to dramatically boost EV sales in order to comply.

In their attempts to electrify their product portfolios and persuade consumers to buy EVs, automakers are up against a number of obstacles.

For instance, a significant expansion of charging stations would be necessary to accommodate the millions of electric vehicles that would be added to U.S. roads in the coming years.

Additionally, there are concerns about how fast American auto customers would accept battery-powered vehicles, which now make up about 7% of sales in the country.

Price reductions on EVs by market leader Tesla in recent months have prompted Ford Motor and several other competitors to follow suit.

According to experts, the declining prices are an indication that demand isn’t as strong as car executives believed it to be a few months ago.

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