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Tucker Shreds Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Over Stance on Transitions for Minors

Asa Hutchinson, a Republican running for president, was reportedly challenged by Tucker Carlson over his position on permitting puberty blockers and underage sex changes.

Carlson questioned the former governor of Arkansas on what “treatment” included when it interfered with a teen’s normal growth.

In April 2021, Hutchinson vetoed a measure that would have outlawed sex-change procedures on children, calling it “vast government overreach.”

The governor of Arkansas stated that it is crucial to let parents “guide” kids through challenging circumstances.

“But you said children should be able to choose their gender, and parents should be able to affirm that, and the state has no rule in getting involved. So how is that different? You’re saying a child shouldn’t be able to choose a bathroom, but he can choose his sex? I don’t understand,” Carlson asked.

“Let me finish what I said. Let me finish if you don’t mind.” Hutchinson said.

“Well, please do,” Carlson replied.

“And the finish is that I told Obama they were wrong to do it publicly, that school districts can ignore that guidance. And so, that’s where I think the government should not be pushing an agenda in our school. And that’s what I oppose.” The former governor replied.

Hutchinson said that he was against schools indoctrinating kids with transgender ideology and decried letting kids use whichever restroom they pleased.

20 states have passed laws outlawing hormone treatments and sex exchanges on minors.

In April, Indiana approved a law restricting these treatments to those 18 and older.

In June, a court invalidated an Arkansas legislation that forbade all minor sex change treatments.

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