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New Poll Shows 40 Percent of Californians are Considering Leaving the State

The results of a recent survey conducted by a group of neighborhood groups to gauge the state’s mood reportedly reveals a paradox that is permeating the Golden State: People are content with the plenty the nation’s largest state has to offer and largely approve of its liberal social views, but they are also far more worried about their financial security than they were the previous year.

According to a recent statewide poll, around 70% of inhabitants stated they are satisfied living here, citing the state’s variety, economic possibilities, and good lifestyle as reasons to stay.

But a sizable portion of the population is also thinking about leaving.

Many people also worry about the health of the economy, their capacity to pay their expenses, and the fact that they think the state is going in the wrong direction.

Nearly 70% of Californians surveyed said that the state’s variety, welcoming environment, and wide range of fulfilling hobbies best define it.

About 60% of inhabitants indicated it is a state where they feel accepted; among Black citizens, this percentage increased to almost two-thirds.

An increase of 6 percentage points since people were asked the same question in April 2022, over half of those polled (46%) stated they struggle to save money or pay for unforeseen bills even as they barely make ends meet.

18% of people said they struggle to make ends meet each month, while 35% said they live well.

More than 40% of locals say they’re thinking of leaving California, with almost half of them indicating they’re definitely considering it.

About 61% of respondents said they would move away because of the high cost of living.

People of color are far more likely to claim that California’s high cost of living is the reason they would move elsewhere.

The expense of living was mentioned by about 71% of locals who identify as Black or Asian/Pacific Islander and are thinking about moving.

The polarization of the state and the country at the present is reflected in the almost 30% of respondents who stated they may leave if the policies and laws of the state didn’t match their political beliefs.

Conservative respondents were far more likely to mention the state’s politics as the reason they were thinking about migrating.

Republicans were three times as likely than Democrats to respond that the politics of the state were the reason they wanted to move there.

based on the survey. 43 percent of people, up 11 percentage points from February 2020, said the state was headed in the wrong direction. About 28% of respondents believed it was headed in the right direction.

Republicans, who made up 83% of the population, and Democrats, who made up 20% of the population, both agreed that the state was headed in the wrong direction.

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