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GOP Rep. Ken Buck Claims He Won’t Support Trump in 2024 if He’s Convicted

In an interview on Tuesday, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), a member of the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus, reportedly stated that he will not support the campaign of former President Donald Trump if a jury finds him guilty of the crimes included in the federal indictment against him.

Trump appeared before federal Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman on Tuesday in the Southern District of Florida and entered a not guilty plea to 37 felony counts related to his alleged retention of national defense information, his alleged attempts to obstruct the investigation, and his alleged lying to investigators.

Buck’s remarks come as Trump is being investigated for the aforementioned offenses.

“I would not feel comfortable with a convicted felon in the White House, so we’ll see how the case plays out and we’ll see how the evidence is presented and what the defenses are.” Buck said.

“But let’s just look at Donald Trump’s words in 2016. He said that Hillary Clinton was unfit for the White House because of the way she handled classified information. He said that she wasn’t even qualified to have a low-level State Department job because of the way she handled information. So I think his words have set the standard that America will look at in determining whether he is fit for president.” he continued.

“…after the trial, if he’s convicted of these charges, of mishandling this information, of knowingly concealing his actions, I certainly won’t support a convicted felon for the White House.” Buck concluded.

According to Buck, a third criminal charge against Trump may come soon, and this will have a huge effect on the middle of the road voters who decide the outcome of elections.

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