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Youtube Reverses Policy that Previously Banned Those Who Questioned Integrity of U.S. Elections

YouTube reportedly stated on Friday that it is changing its previous policy and would now let video that spreads false information about voting fraud and contests the validity of the 2020 presidential election and other elections.

The platform announced in a blog post that it will cease censoring anything that spreads allegedly untrue accounts of widespread fraud, errors, or glitches in the 2020 election and other elections as of right away.

Following assertions by former President Trump and his associates claiming voter fraud predominated the 2020 presidential contest, YouTube first applied its policy to delete content propagating election denial in December 2020.

When looking for news and information relating to elections, YouTube stated that viewers would still see content from authoritative sources in search and their recommendations.

The post also stated that YouTube’s anti-misinformation policies regarding elections would remain in effect, outlawing any material that encourages others to obstruct the democratic process or makes false claims that could “materially discourage” voters from casting a ballot.

False accusations that might prevent people from voting include contesting the legitimacy of voting by mail.

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