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Texas Bill Looks to Create State Run Units to Secure Border in Wake of Title 42 Repeal

A Texas measure establishing a border protection unit under state control has reportedly now been revived.

Previously the sole purview of the federal government, H.B. 20 would establish a state immigration unit to seize, arrest, and jail those who cross the Texas-Mexico border illegally.

H.B. 2, a comprehensive package, was approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Among many other things, it tightens the requirements for asylum claims, begins border wall construction under Trump, and reopens immigration detention facilities that were shuttered under the Biden administration.

But with a Biden veto and that bill almost guaranteed to fail in the Democratic controlled Senate

With H.B. 20, Texas is now taking the initiative on its own, putting itself at danger of a potential conflict with the federal government if it succeeds.

The new force would only be permitted to operate in the border counties along the Texas-Mexico border that are predominately Hispanic.

There, they would be able to catch, arrest, or detain those who are illegally crossing the border and discourage others who are making an effort to do so.

Furthermore, the law would empower the state unprecedented legal authority that prosecutors may use to discriminate against immigrants. It essentially would create a Texas-specific version of Title 42.

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