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Manchin Pleads with GOP to Support New Reform Deal

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin pleaded with Republicans members of Congress’s upper chamber to help him in passing his new, rapidly failing reform deal during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

Manchin pleaded with his Republican colleagues to embrace the agreement he reached with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that aims to modernize the United States’ energy licensing system. Manchin’s agreement is now in jeopardy due to resistance from both Republicans and progressive Democrats.

If the Senate cannot achieve an agreement, a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown may be necessary

Manchin attempted to dismiss an alternate bill proposed by 46 of his Republican colleagues as a “message bill,” and stated that his plan contains everything in the Republican bill.

He also ridiculed progressive Democrats who spoke out in opposition to his proposed bill.

To avert a government shutdown, Democrats in the Senate are poised to pass a continuing resolution. However, ongoing wrangling over Manchin’s permitting reform proposal threatens to completely derail the proposed package to fund the federal government.

Earlier this month, more than 70 progressive Democrats in the House signed a letter to House Democratic Leadership expressing their opposition to Manchin’s proposed agreement. Republicans lambasted Manchin’s proposal for not going far enough, and offered their own proposal. Progressive Democrats in the Senate, led by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, expressed their opposition to the plan this week as well.

Manchin claimed his proposed legislation was a “chance in a lifetime” for energy independence. “For us to have security in this nation, which we need, and making sure that we can take care of the American people with low energy prices, producing more oil, producing more gas. But we have to have permitting reform if you’re going to deliver it. You have no way of infrastructure to deliver it. So, everyone knows that. My Republican friends know that” the senator continued.

Manchin has risen to become a key power player in the Senate that Democrats control by only a single vote, with various factions, and especially President Biden seeking his support for a variety of legislative initiatives.

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